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Face Reading (physiognomy) studies the relationship between an individuals physical structure and behaviour. The old Chinese said that the face was made up of “Rivers” and “Mountains” the mountains being the facial bone structure and the rivers being the moving and slowly reshaping flesh of the face ! In fact at least 80% of your Facial composite map is hereditary (Mainly Bone) and the other 20% is influenced by 'you' and the way you Think, Feel , and Physically connect with the world around you. Readings  draw from some very useful techniques .   The techniques and traits revealed  will inspire you and aid in deepening your understanding of yourself and how you interact at work and especially relationships and how others may react also !.   The ‘face’ of ‘face reading’ has been shaping for at least 2700 years there are also early references by Aristotle . Several channels of study come from China (Lots of Chinese medical connections) , Israel , and from the early 1930’s.  Several renown figures observing cases in American court rooms  have added quite concisely to this field.

Admittedly , not everybody fits into every behavioural pattern/patterns as described using face reading as life is too diverse,! but for the most , upon discovering their particular trait/traits to their surprise can relate to it and so it feels more like a helpful guide.