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fran 29 October 2012

jim many thankyou's for the wonderful reading you gave to me on 25th sept,after spending a lot of time feeling lost in the fog ! your reading has inspired me to get on with life and clear out the negative .. You have such a great sense of humour and are such an empathic bloke thanks again really good to meet you ..fran xx

Caitlyn 28 October 2012

Decided to book a tarot reading with Jim while on vacation in Canterbury and was blown away! Truly a unique and fun character and completely accurate with his reading. I received a recording of the session (which I thought was a great touch) and I look forward to listening to it in a few months time. I've already recommended him to a few friends of mine in Canterbury and, if you are interested in a reading, Jim is the man to go to. Affordable and accurate- thanks Jim!

Tdesa 29 August 2012

Hi, I have some lines that are not covered in any of the topics and would like to know more about it eg. I have a line that goes from the lower fate line joins the life line and travels with it for quite a while and then moves towards the mount of jupiter and ends with a cros.. any feedback

Emma 30 May 2012

An Amazing and Unique Jim!! I had a tarot reading with Jim today, he was funny, interesting, in depth, empathic and def hit the nail on the head! was accurate in all that was said! A very gifted guy! He has such passion and enthusiasm that it's contagious! lol Jim, the site is great, love the photo's and thank u for sharing your knowledge to help others. loadsa love! x

K.Lloyd 06 May 2012

Had a session with Jim on 04.05.12 which was just incredible! It was honestly the most interesting and thought provoking hour i've had in a long time. Attended with a skeptical friend of mine who was blown away by the accuracy and depth of Jim's reading. Fantastically interesting person with a true gift.

Nisha 30 April 2012

Thank you so much Jim. Had a Tarot reading done by you today it was so encouraging . I certainly will take your advice. It has given me a lot of strength to move on.

Anthony 03 April 2012

The reading by you was fantastic Jim. Funny, entertaining, very intuitive and most interesting. Let's see how it all pans out! I would recommend Jim to even the hardened skeptic. God Bless!

javedbinyousaf 21 March 2012


Asheesh 21 August 2012

Jim, The way you present palmistry is really fantastic. I have interest and flair for astrology and palmistry. Your presentation on sun line is super. We in India basically use palmistry for fortune/ future readings, whereas in western world its about flair and potential. This is quite different. Could you elaborate more on if we have multiple sun lines. What does it indicate, a confused/lost focus individual. Also is Sun line associated with success supporting fate line and so on

Karen 06 April 2012

Hello Jim, I came to visit you over 10 years ago for a palm reading and tarot, and wanted to let you know your reading that predicted my life so far has been so accurate! I seem to remember things you said as they happen in life or after the events take place. I would visit you if I could but now I live in Sweden, but one day I will definitely come back to hear more! Best wishes, Karen

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