Life At A Crossroads? Career Issues Or Direction? Problems With A Relationship? Improving Your Confidence? Understanding Visualisation Techniques? Strengths and Weaknesses, Story Telling With Tarot? Life At A Crossroads? How Am I Seen By Others? Meditation? Developing Spiritual And Psychic Acumen? Wish to Learn Tarot, Palmistry Or Face Reading? Click to book now Workshops are available now.

These are just a few areas that a reading with Jim can help. The readings use Tarot, Face and Hand Analysis. The Hand and face reading deduces Character traits through your physical features. Anybody with an interest in people and behaviour can find Face Reading very useful as well as fun . And when it comes to the Tarot, Jim has a sensitive, intuitive and efficient approach to whatever problems you may be facing, although you do not need to have a problem !, as the readings are also interesting and fun as well as an unusual and curious system of guidance.

Jim has been a reader for many years , and also runs workshops in Tarot, Palmistry, Face Reading and is also available for talks nationally and internationally within this field.

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Readings Are For Interest/Educational and
Guidance purposes only. We choose our own path so by better understanding of ourselves
bit by bit, we fullfill what we should, and spend less time polishing negative cycles.

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