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Debbie Gwillym 15 March 2012

Hi there! had a Tarot reading done by you today. I could have talked for hours! so interesting. I certainly will take your advice. Take care. Debbie G.

Frank 17 January 2011

Just wanted you to know that I've been watching and re-watching your palm reading videos for months, I find them truly inspiring and informative. I hope you continue to make videos on any subject that you have a passion for as I believe you are a fantastic teacher and I hope you do one day do a face reading video. Also, I'd like you to know that my girlfriend and I would love to visit your on our future vacation, you had us sold. Thank you.

ZsaZsa 11 June 2010

Brilliant, Jim! Just seen your second finger reading, great, and mama loves it too... although she wonders what double loops on the thumb means? btw love the choice of music too : ) Peace and rock! ZsaZsa x

tracy fryer 23 March 2010

Very interesting site with lots of knowledge to share. I especially love the natural photos with moody skies. Keep up the good work and remember you are supported as well as being a supporter Jim

Katrina W 12 December 2009

Thanks for having a unique gift and sharing it with others, you make the unknown accessible and by sharing your understanding of these age old and mysterious arts such as Tarot and palmistry, allows people to explore paths that they may never have known existed. Great Site!!

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